Thursday, July 12, 2018

While Big Brother Was Away...

While big brother Jackson was spending his week with Grammy and Pop, the little boys enjoyed a bit more attention from mom and dad as well as activities that get a little crowded with 3...starting with kinetic sand! Inevitably, even though we have several kinetic sand sets, we only have one kinetic ROCK set, and guess which one both wanted to play with? So even though we were down one kid, there was still bickering over whose turn it was. We can't win, apparently!

Ben enjoyed some playtime in the backyard with the giant spraying beach ball that all of the boys have loved.

We did lots of swimming this week since it was Ben's week for swimming lessons. With swimming lessons in the evenings, it's a week full of simple, quick meals. On Friday night of that week we gave ourselves a break with dinner at Freddy's before swimming lessons.

And since we didn't have time for ice cream before swimming lessons, we made a stop at Spoons afterwards!

Andrew wanted to walk home from Spoons (it's only about a mile away with sidewalks the whole way) so I agreed to walk off that fro yo! Andrew is just a delight, particularly when he's not with his brothers.

We hadn't had quite enough swimming, apparently because the boys asked to go to our neighborhood pool on Saturday too!

Two kids is so easy!

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