Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jackson's First Aggie Game

Jackson's been in training for this big day for a long time...

Remember this cute toddler singing Spirit of Aggieland?

So he knows all the yells, all the songs, and we decided he finally has the attention span and stamina to make it through a whole game (and actually enjoy it). So when we were offered free tickets to go to the game we jumped at the chance! Confession time: this was the first game that Justin and I have attended since I graduated from grad school! I know, I know, we are terrible Aggies, but babysitters are hard to find on game days and tickets+babysitter for 6 hours=$$$. So needless to say, we were all so excited! We got a sitter for the younger two boys and we were off with our big kid! 

He may be big, but not too big for daddy to carry him when he's walking too slow to catch the bus!

We've been to Kyle Field on game days lots of times for tailgates and to watch march-in, but Jackson was pumped to know he actually got to go inside this time!

We made it in time for some of the pre-game festivities...and the sun! Thankfully it sunk down behind the west side stands about 45 minutes into the game, and turned into a beautiful cool night.

One of Jackson's favorite parts...the pyrotechnics to start the game! (Except I think they accidentally set them off early because this was still about 30 minutes to kickoff).

We got to go to the game thanks to the generosity of Cynthia who was my very first supervisor at A&M. I reminded her that she has been enabling our Aggie football attendance for a long time because when I was in grad school, we would buy her student Sports Pass for Justin to use! We are so grateful!

The Aggies might not have played like we wanted them to, but the band never disappoints!

How we felt every time the announcer said "And that's another Fightin' Texas Aggie First Down" because, quite frankly, he didn't get to say it nearly enough!

The Ags managed to get it together in the 4th quarter to get a win, but I'm afraid it's going to be a long season folks.

Jackson is working on his quarterback skills in case Coach Sumlin decides to put him in!

We had such a great time cheering on our Ags and spending some quality time with our big kid. Thank you Cynthia for making it possible!

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