Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Family that Gigs Together Stays Together

A few weeks ago, I dragged my family out of bed early on a Saturday, made them put on matching clothes, hauled them up to campus, made them walk all over in the balmy weather, and asked them to pretty please smile.

And they humored me.

And it was SO worth it for this one image!

You see, Justin proposed to me under that very tree so it holds special meaning for us.

Texas A&M was holding Staff Photo Day, so you could walk around to different photo locations all over campus and get your picture taken. Why not? It was Jackson's suggestion to bring their scooters, and honestly it was brilliant. We didn't have to hear about their tired feet, there was no fighting over the second seat in the wagon, and it made it fun for them.

The Century Tree photos were my favorite, both for the end result as well as the sentimentality, but the others generally turned out pretty well too!

They told us to make silly faces, but only Justin and I actually did. So I entitle this one: Emotions Associated With Having Three Kids.

The kids reached the end of their cooperation near the MSC, so we went inside for a bit to cool off before walking back to our car. 

No trip to the MSC is complete without a visit to Aglantis.

Oh how I love these three precious little Aggies!

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