Monday, July 17, 2017

Camp Cabin in the Woods - Jackson Edition

Jackson got seriously spoiled at the end of June/early July. He spent the last week in June in Dallas with Nana, who dropped him off with Gram and Pop at the Cabin in the Woods, where he stayed for a week following the 4th of July. He was gone from home for 16 days (though we did get to see him in the middle)! Do you think he wanted to come home at the end of all of that? Definitely not!

Jackson loves a good museum, so Gram and Pop's first outing took him to the Old Stone Fort and the Nacogdoches Visitor's Center where he learned a little Texas history and more about the oldest town in Texas.

Number one on Jackson's Cabin in the Woods Must-Do list was going fishing, so the trio got up early the next morning and headed out to the lake.

Jackson reeled in this one and a couple of others all by himself!

Jackson also requested to go to the Community Built Playground. Every other time we've come here he's run around with his brothers and cousins, so I think he realized here that sometimes it is more fun to not be the only child!

In between his adventures he kept up on his reading. Can't you tell that Grammy was loving Captain Underpants?

My dad has subscribed to National Geographic for as long as I can remember, and now there's officially a new fan of those yellow magazines!

Space was the theme for the next few adventures with a trip to the Remembering Columbia museum in Hemphill, followed by a visit to the SFA Planetarium where he learned about Venus.

He said the Venus show was ok, but he was more interested in how the giant projector worked. And I think he was most excited about the trip to IHOP afterwards!

Another day on the lake, this time for some tubing!

After a day in the sun, they headed into town to see the play Wizard of Oz. Mom sent me this picture before the show began and I was worried he wouldn't make it to Intermission without falling asleep!

I was wrong! Intermission and still wide awake!

The next day they headed out on the Go Devil boat to see the beaver dams, followed by a dip in the pool, but first, some snuggles with Minou!

Jackson definitely enjoyed all of his favorite foods while he was with Gram and Pop. Shrimp, hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos and pizza, of course!

They even sneaked in a movie!

We were eager to have him home, as the house is so quiet without him! You would think minus one kid the din would decrease by a third, but without him it's more like 50-75%! He's definitely our talker, and I so missed his stories and conversation! We celebrated his return home with a sweet treat.

I think his brothers were pretty happy to have him back too...maybe. ;)

Thanks for loving our boy, Gram and Pop! He had an amazing time with you!

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