Saturday, July 8, 2017

4th...err...1st of July

One of my favorite things about Ben is that the boy knows how to sleep in! He slept past 8 (and one day until almost 9!) every morning of our long weekend at the Cabin in the Woods. And each morning when he finally woke up he would start chanting "Poppy Breakfast! Poppy Breakfast!" Two of his favorite things! And how wonderful it was to just walk downstairs, plop him in his high chair and then enjoy a delicious breakfast (that I didn't have to cook) together! Thanks for all the yummy breakfasts, Pop! Me and Benny enjoyed them! After breakfast, we caught up with all the big kids who had already been up for hours!

After breakfast, we opted for an easy, relaxing day because the Nacogdoches "Freedom Fest" celebration was scheduled for that night (instead of actually on the 4th).

Jackson wanted to get Ben on the swing but couldn't figure out how to lift him up without just kind of falling backwards and heaving him up. Once on the swing, Jackson couldn't really move but Ben loved it!

The kids stayed cool by hopping in and out of the pool all day.

And hey, when you get cherry juice all over your face and hands, just jump in the pool to rinse it all off!

Ben was so happy about his brownie after dinner!

While everyone got ready to head out to watch the fireworks, Ben and I galloped a few laps around the living room. 

We got downtown super early for the fireworks, so we decided to walk down to the Freedom Fest area and check it out. Snowcones, balloons and fireworks. They couldn't ask for more!

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