Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Jackson is 7!

The handsome blue-eyed boy who made us parents is 7! As our oldest, every day with Jackson is a new adventure and each stage a new challenge. Just about the time we think we've got the hang of it, he moves on! As far as stages go, 6 was a pretty awesome year, so 7 has a lot to live up to!

Jackson loves to be outdoors. He has an explorer's heart and is constantly finding something new to discover and critters to collect. When I send him in the backyard to play, odds are good that I will find him collecting roly polys or lizards and creating a habitat for them to live in. He loves going on adventures as a family, whether that be a hunt for a new geocache in town, or exploring a cave. He has absolutely loved Cub Scouts this year--it's such a good fit for him.

1st grade rocked! Thanks in large part to an amazing teacher who really "got" him, he seemed to really hit his stride academically. He actually looked forward to going to school each day which was such a relief to me, though he was pretty happy to be done with homework for the summer! It may not be his favorite subject but he has become a super reader, thanks in large part to the 500 books he read in first grade! He equally enjoys fiction and non-fiction books. He loves science because it lets him discover the answers to all of his many questions. His memory continues to amaze us, and he makes the most amazing connections. I know everyone thinks their kid is smart, but holy cow this kid is sharp!

He's beginning to be so independent. He's learned how to make some simple meals for himself like sandwiches and quesadillas (in the microwave) and revels in doing so. He can pack his own lunch (with a little guidance that no, you may not pack 7 pieces of candy in your lunch), so I'm looking forward to letting him mostly take over that task. 

He is so so so silly. He loves nothing more than to make people laugh and (much to my dismay) aspires to be the class clown.  The biggest compliment that he can give someone is to say that they are so funny. He loves to tell jokes and has some pretty good ones! Like most boys, there's nothing funnier than a well-timed fart joke, and he's been honing his armpit sound effects. We have a lot of conversations about the appropriateness of time and place. =)

Jackson is also as headstrong as they come. He is a planner (gee, I wonder who he got that from?) and has very specific ways he wants something done and on his own timeline. If you try to rush him or change his plans,  he will let you know in a hurry that you're cramping his style. Lately, he has been practicing how to roll his eyes. Oh lordy, pray for us!

He loves playing games. I'm delighted that he is moving into the stage where the games we can play together are actually fun and challenging for adults too! He plays a mean game of Uno, and he's becoming quite the little chess master. He got a ton of games for his birthday and we've been having fun learning them all together. He is looking forward to joining the Chess Club next year at school. He is also awesome at Legos.

He still lets me hold his hand in the parking lot most of the time, his eyes still light up when he sees me when I pick him up from school, and he still loves to snuggle at bedtime. He's still my little boy...for now. I'm savoring each of these moments because I know they are numbered. 

As for favorites, here they are in his own words with his annual birthday interview...

22 Birthday Questions

1.       How old are you? – Seven

2.       What did you want for your birthday? – A whole list - chess,  a nerf gun, Hungry Hungry Hippo

3.       What is your favorite color? – red, blue, and black

4.       What is your favorite subject at school? – Science

5.       What is your least favorite center at school? –  Reading or Math

6.       What do you like to do with your family? --Go to Jumping World or go swimming

7.       What is your favorite book? – The Gingerbread Baby

8.       What is your favorite tv show? – Odd Squad or Wild Kratts 

9.       What is your favorite movie? -- The Chronicles of Narnia

10.       Where is your favorite place to go? – If I need to get out all my energy, Jumping World. If I need to build up my swimming muscles or need to dive, I would go to my neighborhood swimming pool. If I wanted to play outside, I would go to a park. And if it was too hot outside I would want to go inside and look at a screen and junk my brain. If I could go on vacation anywhere I would go to the beach or the Natural Bridge Caverns.

11.       What makes you happy? --  When I get what I want.

12.   What makes you sad? -- When someone tries to beat me up. But since I know my self-defenses now, they are the ones in trouble!

13.   Who is your best friend? -- Well I have three best friends from each separate school I went to, so that would be Jake Hobbs, Caleb and Kegan.

14.   What is your favorite food? -- Pizza

15.   What is your favorite toy? – all the weapons

16.   What song do you love to sing? -- Kids Bop. Whip & Nae Nae, Cool Kids, and others.

17.   What are you really good at? – I'm on of the best Lego people in the family. I bet when I'm a little bit older I will get good at my skateboard. 

18.   What is your favorite restaurant? – Texas Roadhouse,  Double Daves or Red Lobster

19.   What does your mom do for a job? – She's the director for New Student & Family Programs. She welcomes the new Aggies, talks on stage and teach them about agriculture.

20.   What does your dad do for a job? – He works at TTI. He works on the road and cars. Sometimes they have a car crash to see what they can learn about.

21.   What do you think about before you fall asleep? – Waking up in the morning and Daddy saying "I think you're old enough to play with all the weapons again."

22.   What do you want to be when you grow up? – That's really hard because I'm still thinking. But I think I would like to be a Principal so I can make all of my own rules and boss the kids around.
Is there anything else you want to tell us? What do you call something brown and sticky? -- a stick!

Oh precious boy, I hope you always know how treasured, adored, and unconditionally loved you are! We are so proud to be your parents and love learning alongside you! I know 7 is going to be an amazing year, kiddo!

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