Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

We got to celebrate daddy last weekend! 
Aren't I a lucky lady to be surrounded by all this handsomeness every day?!
Justin equally loves french toast and waffles so I found a recipe for french toast waffles and they turned out really well! The big boys helped me with the egg cracking and stirring, while Ben helped by contentedly watching an episode of Elmo! They were all excited to finally wake him up and show him all of the gifts they made for him.

Andrew's "All About My Daddy" page went like this:

My Daddy's name is Justin but I call him Daddy. His favorite thing to do is trim the grass. For fun he likes to play in my baby pool. His favorite food is crawfish. His favorite drink is tea. I love it when my daddy goes to Jumping World. My favorite thing about my daddy is he swims.

After breakfast we went to church and then came home for lunch and afternoon naps for everyone. I made his favorite Lemon Chicken Ring for dinner,  and after the boys insisted daddy needed a Father's Day Treat. So we went to Spoons, you know, for dad of course.

Daddy still has to share his ice cream, even on Father's Day.

But he didn't mind because that's the kind of dad he is. He takes care of all of us so well. Did you know that Justin does the dishes every night? This is after he does the cooking at least half the time. He also changes diapers, brushes teeth, packs lunches, drops off/picks up kids from school, and remembers when it's splash/chapel/field trip/show and tell day. He snuggles, reads bedtime stories, and whispers I love yous after the lights go out. Every single day. We only get to celebrate him one day a year, but we are so incredibly lucky and blessed that he is ours every day. We love you, Justin!

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