Saturday, June 3, 2017

Happy Anniversary to Us (AKA: the one with all the selfies)

Justin and I celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary on Sunday! Thanks to Nana, we were able to take off for 24 blissful, kid-free hours in Dallas! These are the faces of two people driving away from their kids for a whole day:

And look! Us inside an elevator of a grown up hotel! (Definition of a grown-up hotel: an upscale hotel featuring rooms with a singular king-size bed, towels that actually fit around your entire body and the noticeable absence of DIY waffles for breakfast.)

We thought about just napping the afternoon away, but made ourselves get up and go enjoy a museum we wouldn't dare take our kids to. For 2 hours we walked around and looked for as long as we wanted, didn't have to tell a single person to not touch the art, keep their hands to themselves, use their inside voices, or to use their walking feet. What a treat!

We sent this picture of Justin with the Jackson Pollock piece to Nana to show Jackson. Ever since learning about Jackson Pollock in his school art class, our Action Jackson has been a fan of Action Jackson.

Later we headed out for our special dinner! Don't we clean up nice?

We had fondue, which was fun and delicious. Any dinner that features wine, cheese, surf and turf and gobs of chocolate is a winner in my book! This was another place we would never dream of taking the boys. Can you imagine? Pointy sticks, boiling hot oil, and dinner that lasts two and a half hours sounds like my own personal hell if my kids were there! But with just my forever one and only it was wonderful!

It was Memorial Day Weekend so Reunion Tower put on a lovely show for us as we were driving back to the hotel.

We were actually staying at the Hyatt Regency, so the ball was in our backyard when we made it back to the hotel!

Our plans for the next day included sleeping as late as we wanted, going up to Reunion Tower's GeoDeck and brunch. These are the faces of two people who got 10 hours of sleep for the first time in over a year! Don't we look shiny, happy and well-rested?! =)

The day before had been rainy and overcast, but we were blessed with a beautiful, cool and breezy day to enjoy the spectacular views!

We had planned to head out for brunch, but decided to just eat at the cafe in the Tower so we could enjoy the whole revolution. The food was just ok, but the views and the company couldn't be beat!

Rejuvenated and reconnected, we headed back to reclaim these three monkeys! They had a great time with Nana, G-Paw, Aunt Judy, Uncle Cody and Aunt Sam and are already asking when mommy and daddy will go away again.

We agree, we should definitely do this more often!

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