Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday Jackson!

We said farewell to Jackson the six year old on the eve of his birthday.

Of course, he wasn't at all sad, but for mom the birthday eve is always a bit bittersweet. He insisted on keeping the mood light though and wouldn't let me get the least bit sentimental with him.

The newly minted 7 year old was up and dressed in record time! Birthday donuts were waiting!

For once he didn't poke around eating his breakfast either! Too bad I can't have a present waiting for him every day he's on time!

First up, something he didn't explicitly ask for, but was delighted to see! Harry Potter! I don't know who's more excited about this..him or me...but I certainly can't wait to read it with him!

And the #1 thing on his wish list! A skateboard! Don't you just love the look on their face when you know you nailed it?

Then he was off for his last day of Cub Scout Day Camp with birthday cake oreos in his backpack to share with all of his friends at lunch time. He had an awesome time all week shooting BB guns, doing archery, playing on Monkey Island and all sorts of other activities that resulted in him coming home absolutely filthy every day. In other words: Best Week Ever! Since Friday was the last day, they had an Open House time at the end for parents to see the last flag ceremony and such.

Additional proof that Cub Scout Camp was awesome: one completely worn out boy on the drive to our first stop in his birthday Day of Fun.

The cat nap was all he needed though to perk up in time for our movie date!

I on the otherhand...well, let's just say those luxury loungers were pretty darn comfy and Captain Underpants didn't exactly hold my attention. Jackson of course loved it and laughed heartily throughout the whole silly movie.

Next stop: Snowcones!

At one point during our snow cone eating, Jackson was zoning out, staring into space. I said, "Earth to Jackson!" When I had his attention again, I asked, just out of curiosity, "Jackson,  what do you think about when you zone out like that?" He replied, "Oh, lots of things. Potty words that make me laugh, jokes, roller coasters, baseball, candy, playing tricks on people. Fun stuff like that!"

So there you go folks, a window into the mind of a 7 year old boy!

We headed home from there so Pigpen could take a shower before dinner. He gave us a scare when he slipped getting out of the shower and cut his head open. For a few minutes, I thought we were going to be spending his birthday evening at the ER getting stitches, but it thankfully stopped bleeding after a few minutes.

Jackson's pick for his birthday dinner was Red Lobster. He heard his dad and I talk about eating lobster and he loves crawfish, so he decided he wanted lobster for his birthday dinner. Well, ok then! He and Andrew enjoyed checking out the lobsters in the tank before heading to our seats.

Happy kid with his birthday lobster! He ate all of his lobster and most of Ben's shrimp too!

The highlight of the dinner though was not the lobster he ate, but the lobster he got to pet when the manager brought out a big one for the boys to touch!

Yes, it's safe to say he had a great birthday!

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