Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cousin Fun Day

The boys' cousin Evie (and her mom, my sister, Melody too!) came into town for Jackson's party on Friday night, giving us all day Saturday for some cousin fun. Jackson had the day all planned out: He wanted to go to the library where they were having Animal Day, "because Evie loves animals", then go swimming at Adamson Lagoon. 

So that's what we set out to do!

We saw miniature horses, alpacas, a cat and dogs. I didn't think we were going to be able to lure Evie away from the horses, but after lots of pets and snuggles we were soon en route to our next stop. 

Too bad I failed to check the hours for the pool, only to arrive there and discover they didn't open for another hour. Already in our swim suits, we headed to the splash pad instead!

Andrew was really the only one who spent much time splashing though!

Jackson and Evie were more captivated by the wildlife. They chased a feisty squirrel all over the park and caught tiny frogs in the puddles.

Ben was not a fan of the splash pad. Not. at. all. If you set him down near the water he would run away screaming like we were torturing him. Crazy kid!

After lunch and naps for Andrew and Ben, we finally made it to the pool! Andrew is finally 42 inches tall and is loving the big water slides this summer! Ben liked the pool more than the splash pad, but he still alternated between laughing and whining the whole time we were there.

All the bigs conquered the floating lily pad bridge!

Andrew loves the big slides, but he's still a pretty big fan of the smaller ones too!

Evie was excited to have Jackson's undivided attention after having to (rather pitifully) share it with all of his friends the night before at his party.

At one point on Saturday, Jackson and Evie had the following exchange:
Evie: Jackson, do you like your guy friends better than me?
Jackson: Yeah, sorta.
Evie: *sigh* I'm ok with that.


Don't worry Evie...blood is thicker than water so you all are stuck together forever whether you like it or not!

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