Monday, June 26, 2017

Benjamin is 21 Months

Benjamin is 21 months! Just a quarter of a year from TWO!

While he seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, our busy busy busy boy is actually apparently shrinking! We took him to the doctor last week after dealing with a mysteriously super cranky boy for several days. No symptoms of any illness, just terribly irritable and restless. The doctor couldn't find any sign of illness, but his weight check (26.8 lbs) indicated he has actually lost a couple of ounces since his 18 month appointment! I think we can blame the weight loss on several days of diminished appetite, and a little busy body who never stops and burns every calorie he eats. He loves cheese, fruit of any kind, yogurt, hot dogs, and cereal bars.

Potty training is just around the corner. He wants to sit on the potty each night before bath and has pee peed in the potty a few times. He gets super excited for his brothers when he sees them going to the potty. Thankfully Jackson and Andrew are good sports about their personal cheering section when they do their business!

Ben is weird about shoes. He loves to find shoes in the house and put them on, no matter whose they are. Stay tuned, as I have a cute post coming up dedicated to this habit. But when it comes to his own shoes, he is quick to take them off. For several months, he has taken off his shoes and socks every time he gets in the car, but he has now taken to hurtling them across the car. Last week, he even managed to hit me in the back of the head with one, which is kind of amazing given that he's still rear facing and sits directly behind me. I'm ready to duct tape those suckers to his feet! We must always allot an extra minute or two into our schedule to allow time to hunt down the shoes and socks in the van and get them back on his feet. Speaking of throwing things, his favorite toy is any kind of ball and he enjoys playing catch with his dad. Except he can't really catch, so it's more like fetch. LOL.

He talks about everything....many things discernible, but still lots of jabbering that we can't always make out. His favorite subject to talk about is still animals, but he's started noticing vehicles lately too and gets excited when he sees a bus or fire truck. He knows the names of all of his teachers and all of his friends in his class.

He still loves books but has strong opinions about which book to read. We pretty much just keep a huge stack next to the rocking chair so we can go through each option one by one as he says "no!" with a vigorous shake of the head and shoves the vile book aside. We repeat until we uncover the chosen one, and are rewarded with a huge smile and a happy "uh huh!" There's no predictability to what he will choose, a book that is hastily discarded one day will be happily selected the next! What can I say, I guess he likes variety and he knows what he wants!

The only thing bad about Ben is how quickly he is growing! My wish is to hold on tightly to these last remnants of babyhood, but unfortunately he has different ideas. Why snuggle when there are so many things to explore?  Why let daddy help you when you can do it yourself? Why let mommy carry you when you can run? He impresses us every day with the big, new independent things he can do, and we are doing our best to keep up!

We love you precious Benny boy!

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