Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Teacher Appreciation 2017

The blog is my memory, so I'm documenting here what we did for Teacher Appreciation week! Our boys are so blessed to have such a wonderful tribe of teachers who teach and love them!

Each of the boys' teachers got this cute hand-print lion card.  Andrew and Ben have lead teachers as well as part-time teachers, and Jackson has music, computer, and art teachers, PE coaches, enrichment, librarians and his after school counselors, in addition to his main teacher. So all told, we made 26 of these guys! Big shout out to Nana who was here when we were making these and helped us out by painting in all those cute lion faces! 

And yes, Jackson wrote individualized messages in all 12 of his cards. You can guess how excited he was about it. =D

Each of those teachers also got a hand soap, because if there's anything a teacher of small children needs, it's soap. Lots and lots of soap. 

Jackson's main teacher got a little something each day during the week because she is amazing and has been the perfect teacher for Jackson this year (and there's just one of her)!

Hopefully she shares Jackson's love for Mr. Sketch scented markers!

And her favorite bundt cake. Who doesn't love bundt cake?

We LOVE our teachers!

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