Sunday, May 14, 2017

Remember the Alamo!

Our boys can officially call themselves Texans now! They have made their official pilgrimage to the Alamo! 

Last weekend, my cousin Jessica and her family were visiting Texas from Georgia because her stepson was graduating from Air Force basic training. Since they are in Georgia, we don't see them very often, so we took advantage of the opportunity to see them when they were relatively close. We mostly just hung out with the family at our rental house, but on Saturday we did a little sightseeing in San Antonio, starting with the Alamo, of course!

After the Alamo, we went on a riverboat tour of the Riverwalk. This was a new experience for even Justin and I and was enjoyed by all.

Benjamin's highlight was seeing all of the ducks in the river. He said "Duck! Duck! Duck!" and "Ack! Ack! Ack!" the whole tour.

While our kids enjoyed the sightseeing, they were mostly just eager to make it back to the rental house because it had a pool. You would think they had never gone swimming before!

The water was pretty chilly so Ben didn't get in, but he did enjoy hanging out poolside with the fam. He's gotten so good at cheesing when I get the camera out!

For the first time, Ben and Leo enjoyed playing together! They were so cute running around the deck, laughing hysterically.

Usually it's just the little kids enjoying their cousin time but the big kids enjoyed ours with Jessica too!

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