Saturday, May 27, 2017

Jumping with Dad

Our town got a trampoline park a few months ago and the boys have been begging to go. I saw a great deal on Groupon that was good for a weekday jumping session, and Justin thought it would be a fun one-on-one activity for him to do with each of the big boys. So I bought two!

Andrew got to go first! For him, the outing was a complete surprise. Daddy left work early, picked Andrew up as he was waking up from nap and they took off for their secret adventure. Jumping World is in the same shopping center as Target, so that's where Andrew thought he was going and was maybe a tad disappointed after all that anticipation! When he found out they were going to Jumping World instead, he was a bit more excited, but honestly, just a bit because he had never been there before.

Justin reports that Andrew started out a little tentative but quickly warmed up and they had a blast!

When they came home that afternoon, glowing from the excitement of their adventure, Andrew quickly made it known where they had been and Jackson was devastated that he had been left out. So Jackson's outing was not a surprise since Daddy had to tell him exactly when they were planning to go, how many days away that was, and precisely how it would happen to appease the slighted Jackson. So just a few days later, his much anticipated daddy date arrived and it was everything he planned that it would be!

Jackson had already been to Jumping World for a birthday party, so he was not at all hesitant. Daddy may have played a bit too hard keeping up with him and has been nursing a pulled muscle since then. Gotta stretch first, babe!

Of course they are already asking when they can go back!

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