Saturday, May 13, 2017

Highlights of Spring

It's always a highlight when Nana comes to visit! Recently she made her spring trip and spent a few days with us, indulging the boys in all their favorite activities. We tried to get it together for a selfie (groupie?) to commemorate her visit, but weren't too successful.

Another highlight of each spring is our butterfly experience! Back before Easter, we received our order of caterpillars. we watched them grow from tiny little caterpillars into big, fat caterpillars, then watched them form their chrysalides. Finally, we got to watch them emerge as painted lady butterflies and drive our cat crazy as they fluttered around their enclosure all day.

Sooner than the boys wanted, it was time to release them so they could live out their short life cycle in the wild. I think this was perhaps our most active bunch of butterflies. They were eager to fly away and certainly didn't linger!

Bye bye butterflies!

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