Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Benjamin is 20 Months!

Another month has flown by and Benjamin is now 20 months!

Last month's word of the month was "yes" and this month he added every toddler's favorite "no!"  He uses it quite frequently, and suddenly he has an opinion about everything! From the book we read next to which shoes to wear, he is making his desires known! Another new addition is "MINE!" and he uses this one frequently with his brothers. He's also added lots of other new words, and is more frequently putting two words together.

He now has a full mouthful of teeth, having gotten his lower left canine this month. Poor kid won't get much of a break in the teething department though because I think his two year molars are starting to make their way up. He's using all those teeth to eat lots of things, but his favorites are any kind of fruit, cheese, and anything he can dip, especially queso!

Benjamin is a great sleeper! He usually goes to sleep without a fuss, sleeps late on the weekends (thank you sweet boy!) and takes about a two hour nap in the afternoons. He is in constant motion and mischief when he is awake so we are incredibly grateful for the break! He always wakes up in a great mood. In the mornings, he wants breakfast immediately. As soon as I lift him out of his crib, he starts saying "breakfast? breakfast?" Once I set him down, he runs straight to his high chair. This weekend we were going to get donuts for breakfast on our way out of town, so he didn't get breakfast right away and he completely flipped out. He followed me around the house as I did the last minute things, clinging to my leg and wailing "breakfast!" 

My favorite development this month is that he can now say "I love you mama" and gives me sweet kisses. He's even started giving closed mouth, lips puckered, smacking kisses now instead of the earlier open mouthed baby kisses.

Happy 20 months sweet guy!

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