Thursday, May 4, 2017

Art Shows, Cowboys and Fro Yo

There's never a dull moment around here! Our calendar stays full keeping up with these boys and our own busy work schedules. 

The little boys enjoyed a Western day at their school last week. We had a rodeo clown and a cowboy! (Andrew refused to wear anything other than "soft shorts" and a t-shirt.) 
Andrew wearing blue athletic shorts, an orange shirt, a cow print vest and cowboy hat and holding hands with Benjamin wearing boots, jeans, a pearl snap shirt and cowboy hat.

One evening I had an evening work commitment, so I picked up the boys a little early for some fro yo and quality time before I headed back to work.
Jackson and Andrew pausing while eating fro yo to smile for mom

I can't stand how big Benjamin looks in the picture!
Benjamin sitting in a high chair and smiling a big toothy grin

April and May are busy months for birthday parties! I think we will have been to 6 in an 8 week span, 4 of which were or are at PowerSports. The boys definitely don't mind!
Several children lined up at PowerSports. Jackson is attempting to hold Benjamin.

Ben can pretty much keep up with the big kids at PowerSports now!
Ben and Andrew laughing together on the inflatable obstacle course at PowerSports.

Jackson is now one of the big kids at PowerSports parties. He officially made it all the way to the top of the net.
Jackson at the top of a giant floor to ceiling climbing net, nearly touching the ceiling.

After the party, we squeezed in a visit to the College Station ISD Art Show, as Jackson had a piece selected for the show again this year. Just like last year, I still haven't figured out what distinguishes a piece to be chosen, but we sure are proud of our little artist!
Jackson smiling and pointing to his artwork at the Art Show.

Jackson's art piece - a Zulu Village.

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