Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Vet School Open House 2017

Our little animal lovers look forward to attending the Texas A&M Vet School Open House each spring. They have a fellow animal lover in their cousin, Evie, so we invited her to join us. As luck would have it, Grammy and Pop were taking care of Evie while her parents were on a trip so we got to see Grammy, Pop, Grandma Grandma and Evie! 

Pop entertained the kids and got his workout in while we waited in line for the Small Animal Hospital tour!

It was worth the wait though. As a party of 9, we were our own tour group so the kiddos got to monopolize the animals and ask all of their questions!

I think this parrot might have been their favorite animal of the whole day. We didn't get to hear it talk, but apparently it calls out the doctor's husband's name in her voice and he comes running. Ha!

They listened to a dog's heart beat, learned about parasites using the microscope, and learned about toxicology.

 The petting zoo is always a fan favorite!

Evie was really just there for the horses though!

With our stomach's growling, we attempted to pry the children away from the animals. I will let you judge how successful we were...

After finally getting some lunch, we hopped back in the car for our second stop of the day...
Precious cousin love!

The Texas A&M Engineering and Physics Festival! I do wish these two events were not on the same day because we could have spent hours here too! There were tons of hands on engineering, physics and chemistry demonstrations, all conducted by Aggies who were fantastic at breaking down these really complicated scientific principles into language that our littles could understand.

Their favorite part of the event though was watching the 5 Barrel Depth Charge Demonstration...aka...blowing things up with liquid nitrogen. Very cool!

The worst part of the day? When poor Evie had to leave to go home. She was so sad!

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