Thursday, April 20, 2017

Good Friday

We had a wonderful, restful (as restful as it gets with three kids anyways) long Easter weekend. We headed to the Cabin in the Woods on Thursday night, where the boys quickly made themselves right at home with Pop.

On Friday morning, Benjamin let us sleep to the luxurious hour of 8:30! Pre-kids this would have been depressing, but that's 2 1/2 hours later than I usually get up on Friday so I woke up feeling amazing! Mornings at Gram and Pop's usually mean pancakes and then a race for the kids to put on their clothes and shoes so they can head outside as quickly as possible!

Benjamin discovered this visit that he can (sorta) work the tractor!

He wasn't always prepared for the initial forward motion when he pressed the gas pedal though! But every time the tractor lurched forward he laughed and laughed!

At Gram and Pop's, there's always a new path to explore on a hike and critters (or remnants of critters) to discover,

Jackson had been looking forward to shooting BB guns with Pop since he learned how at Cub Scout Camp last month.

Marc and Ali even brought a bounce house for the kids to enjoy this time!

Later in the afternoon (after a nap!), we dyed some eggs.

That evening, we opened up all of our Resurrection Eggs and went through the whole story one more time. This was the first year we did the Resurrection Eggs, opening two eggs each night leading up to Easter, and the boys really loved it. And as a result, both of the big boys can tell the whole story of Easter with all of the details. I loved being able to take that intentional time each day to talk about the real meaning of Easter. It's not about the eggs or the bunny (though those things are fun!), it's about Jesus!

The next morning, we made Resurrection Rolls. All of the kids loved this activity!

They were pretty delicious too!

After our breakfast, we hurried to get ready because we had an Easter party to get to!

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