Friday, April 28, 2017

Fabulous Firsties at the Zoo

I was lucky enough to get to take a day off work to accompany Jackson's class on their field trip to the zoo! 

Thankfully he was much happier about me being there in general than he was about taking this picture! Stinker!
Mom and Jackson taking a selfie together with Jackson wrinkling up his nose

Here's one to check off the ol' bucket list: navigating a zoo with 18 6-7 year olds! It was about as relaxing as you might imagine!
18 first graders posing together in front of a buffalo

several children and a teacher lined up along a fence looking at an elephant

He found a stick. Because of course he did.
Jackson standing with a large stick of bamboo in his hand that is taller than he is.

The jaguar is always a favorite!

Jackson sitting next to a glass enclosure with a sleeping jaguar on the other side. The jaguar has one of his paws pressed against the glass and Jackson has his hand pressed against the glass over the jaguar's paw, as if comparing the size.
The firsties made a very quick trip through the zoo and then the class made their way back to the bus to make it back to school on time. Jackson wanted to go back to see a few animals again that we had rushed through the first time, so since I drove my own car, we stayed and basically walked the zoo twice. 

A collage picture with 3 separate images: A lion, Jackson standing with a cougar behind him, and a giraffe

What a fun day with my fabulous firstie!
Jackson sliding through a clear slide with an otter swimming over him.

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