Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Eggs, Ailments and Snowball Fights

Gram, Pop and Grandma Grandma stayed in town following Jackson's musical to help us out as I had a hectic Friday night/Saturday morning for work. We lucked out because Ben woke up on Friday morning with a fever and had to stay home from school.

This is where Ben spent most of Friday morning....
When mom texted me this picture, I told her to enjoy those rare snuggles because usually he's way too busy! Between naps, he watched Elmo which he loved. Since then, he walks into the living room, brings me the remote and says "ELMO!"

Thankfully, whatever little virus he had moved on quickly and by afternoon he was feeling some better.

I was very grateful the grandparents were here because staying home was not an option! I had Aggie Rings to distribute!

It was Family Weekend, so I also staffed Family Game Night and Yell Practice on Friday night, then attended a brunch for one of our student groups on Saturday morning.

 As usual the boys didn't notice my absence much, thanks to Gram and Pop!

With Benjamin having made a full recovery, Saturday morning they all headed to the Bush Library for the annual Easter celebration and egg hunt.

Grammy and Pop hung out with Jackson and Andrew on the big kid field.

While dad was with Benjamin on the little kid field for his very first egg hunt. Well, at least the first egg hunt that he navigated on his own two feet! And doesn't he look so big here!? At first I couldn't figure out what exactly it was about this picture that made him look so big, but then I realized...it's because he has a neck! So long chubby baby face! =(

And then they were off!

A visit to the fire trucks and carnival games followed the minute-long egg hunt!

Jackson held Benjamin's hand and helped him play all the games. Such a good big brother!

Justin reported that the boys maybe need a bit more practice with the egg race. =)

A picture with the Easter bunny! Jackson later told us "I know it wasn't the real Easter Bunny because I could see his skin on his wrist." And "Next year I will be too big to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap." I convinced him that maybe he could just stand next to the Easter bunny instead. =( Who gave these kids permission to grow up anyway?!?

We had a very busy day because after the Easter celebration and my brunch, both Jackson and the little boys had birthday parties to attend! Jackson's party was at the ice skating rink and featured not just ice skating, but also a snowball fight and rock climbing! 

The little boys loved their party at PowerSports, as always!

Busy mornings make for great naps and nobody resisted this time!

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