Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter at the Cabin in the Woods

Jackson was relieved to make it back in time from Papa John and Granny's Easter Party to play with all of his crawfish "friends" before they met their fate in the boiling pot. He had been looking forward to and talking about crawfish for weeks! 

Andrew is still a bit hesitant to pick them up but Jackson and the crawfish are regular buddies.

I think I have a picture from at least the last three years of Jackson tormenting poor Evie with a crawfish!

Sorry Jackson, we boiled all your friends and ate them! Jackson and Andrew both ate them enthusiastically this year too. The process was way too slow for Andrew so he lost interest pretty quickly. Jackson hung in there longer and peeled quite a few for himself.

After crawfish, the ladies went for our traditional trip into town for mani/pedis. Once back at the Cabin in the Woods, it was pinata time! All the kids got some whacks in!

Jackson took pinata whacking very seriously!

It was a tough pinata! Pop finished it off and all the kids swooped in for their loot. While everyone was distracted, Ben grabbed some beads and a sucker, took the paper off the sucker and found a place to sit and enjoy it before anyone could tell him no!

An egg toss contest followed, and I teamed up in two different rounds with each of my big boys. They don't catch very well, but they also don't throw very hard, so we managed to hang in there for quite a while!

The next morning we were all up early to head to church to celebrate our risen Lord!

 My sister and I don't always get all dressed up when we're together, but when we do, we make sure our dresses coordinate!

I'm 5'6 so I'm not really all that tall, but among the women my family I'm a veritable Amazon!

All those smiles were brought to you by the promise of Easter baskets for boys that cooperate!

Everyone found a few things in the basket that absolutely delighted them!

Benjamin was excited about Elmo but it was the book that he brought to his daddy to read to him right away. He loves books!

After church, we had a delicious lunch and then our egg hunt.

They love the eggs full of candy and trinkets, but it's the confetti eggs that are the real prize! Don't worry, there were plenty to go around...I think we had 8 dozen!

After all the churching, eating, and egg hunting, we had a very tired, cranky little boy on our hands. He lasted about 2 minutes in Pop's arms before giving in to a well-earned nap!

When we arrived home, I carried an armload of stuff up to the boys' room and opened the door to this scene. I guess Jackson wanted to protect his room? =)

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration of your own!

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