Sunday, April 30, 2017

Benjamin is 19 Months

Does anybody know where my baby went? I've been looking all over but it seems like someone sneaked into Ben's room one night and replaced him with this big kid!

Ben's 19th month brought lots of fun, mostly in the way of new words! Lots of them. I would guess he's probably up to around 80 words and adding new ones every day. Some of the cutest things he's currently saying are: "amen!" after we pray, "yeah!" as a response to questions like "did you have fun at school today?" and "Hi Mama! Hi Dada! Hi Jack Jack! Hi Andwew!" He says hi to each one of us in turn and will keep repeating it until you say hi back. He has certainly found his voice and discovered that it's fun to be LOUD. He knows a lot of his colors and is also starting to try to sing his ABCs.

I just can't get over his hair! Bald baby no more! But all that hair is definitely a big part of why he suddenly looks so much older! He also added another tooth this month, his lower right canine, so now we are just waiting on one more to complete his mouthful minus the molars. 

Ben discovered his love for that furry red monster Elmo this month, when he was sick and Grammy and Pop were here to take care of him. When he finally slowed down long enough to really watch it, he decided that he enjoyed it quite a lot! Now he will frequently bring us the remote and point at the tv and say "ELMO!"

Like most 19 month olds, he is busy busy busy. He loves being outside, climbing and carousing with the big boys. He loves any activity that involves filling and dumping and pouring. We will get out the water table soon and I know he's going to love that.

The only moments when he slows down is when we are reading to him. He still loves books and will let us read to him for as long we want. He is an increasingly interactive listener, pointing to the characters or objects in the book, telling me about other things he sees on the pages, prompting me to speed up through certain pages and repeat others. It's fun to see his wheels turning as he makes new and increasingly complex connections with his world.

Happy 19 Months, precious boy!

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