Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Zoo Crew

Day 2 of our Houston Tourist Spring Break Adventure was the Zoo! And we were joined this day, which happened to be St. Patty's Day, by Grammy, Pop, Grandma Grandma and Scarlette! It was a perfect day for the zoo with gorgeous weather and kids excited to see both their grandparents and the animals!

The line to feed the giraffes was too long, so we just enjoyed watching them. It was great to have an extra set of willing arms from Scarlette to carry Ben around so he could see all the animals. He LOVES animals and got to hone many of his animal noises.

Ben enjoyed his first carousel ride! What a big boy!

It was so funny watching all of the primates play. In almost every exhibit was a pair of young, typically male, monkeys/chimps/gorillas wrestling or generally annoying each other just like our boys do! And of course, the mamas with babies are always one of my favorite parts.

Ben, as usual, didn't miss his nap!

While Ben snoozed, the big kids wore themselves out playing and running around.

Despite Jackson's frowny face, it really was a great family day!

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