Thursday, March 30, 2017

One And A Half!

Just like that and Ben is halfway to two. Say it ain't so!

Look at all that hair! Our little baldy is finally getting some fringe and needs a quick brushing each night after his bath. We actually uttered the words "hair cut" in reference to him this week, though it will probably still be a few months until he really needs it because so far it's all growing in pretty evenly. He got two new teeth (upper canines) this month, so he's now just missing the bottom canines to have a full mouthful minus the two year molars.

He LOVES animals. Books about animals, animal noises, and of course actual animals. He points out every cat, bird, dog and squirrel he sees on our nightly walks and makes all of their noises. Hanging out with Ben is basically a cacophony of onomatopoeia. He says a lot of words but knows exponentially more than he can even say. We look through books and I ask him to point to things as I label them and it's hard to stump him.

As precious as he is, this boy is testing his limits. Climbing on furniture, throwing food, hitting, biting, we are dealing with it all. He doesn't hit or bite when he's upset or angry...we will be playing and laughing and he will hit or bite just to see what kind of reaction he will get. Yep, we are officially entering the toddler phase.

He's figured out that it's fun to build block towers in addition to just knocking them down! He's absolutely obsessed with buckles. Obsessed. If he gets out of his stroller he must fasten the buckle. We were at the park this weekend and there were several empty strollers vacated by children who were playing on the playground. He would not go play until he had fastened all of those buckles too, despite my attempts to get him to leave other people's strollers alone. Thankfully the other parents were understanding. =D

He moved up to the next class at school last week and I think is enjoying getting to do more big kid things. Indeed, there's not much baby left to him. Snuggles are rare but giggles abound! Happy 18 months kiddo!

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