Sunday, March 19, 2017

Houston Children's Museum

Oh my goodness, we've been so busy having fun and traveling that I've had no time to blog about it all! Lots of updates coming in the next few days...

Houston is only 90 miles from us, which makes it an easy weekend day trip. Despite this, there are so many things to do in the city that we had never done. We decided to change that!

First up was the Houston Children's Museum. My sister and I bought cheap tickets on Groupon way back in January and had two months to use them. We waited until pretty much the last possible weekend, but our schedules finally aligned to go the first weekend in March.

I may or may not have told the boys that we couldn't go inside until they smiled nicely for a picture. This strategy at least works on 2 out of 3 of my boys!

And who did we find there but Aunt Melly (and Uncle Josh and Evie)! Yay!

All day the kids had a blast exploring, playing together and maybe even learning a little!

What is this antiquity?

Building rockets with dad.

The cousins had the best time playing together all day.  Evie (age 5) seamlessly bridges the gap in age between Jackson (age 6) and Andrew (age 4) and together they make the perfect trio!

Benjamin loved the ducks! "Ack ack ack!"
Love abounds at the Children's Museum! I loved spending the day with my sister!

And Melody makes new friends easily!

We decided we need to come back on a warmer day because the boys LOVED the outdoor water area. They would have stayed there all day, but it was a little rainy and they were urged to not get too wet because it was cool and we did not have a change of clothes!

Ben tried so hard to stay awake but he finally gave in and missed out on the last couple of hours at the museum!

Jackson and Evie enjoyed their chemistry experiment, learning about acids. And yes, I can assist with chemistry experiments with a sleeping child on my back!

I cannot get over how cute these tiny scientists are!

Yes, we all definitely give the Houston Children's Museum 2 thumbs up!

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