Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Going Out with a Splash

Our very last destination in our whirlwind tour of Houston was the Downtown Aquarium. Perhaps it's because it was the last attraction and so it was fresh on their minds, but as we were reliving our trip the kids said this was their favorite!

There's never a shortage of brotherly love!

The cousins had such a great time together!

Ben loved the fishies! Then he saw the alligator and said "chomp chomp!".

Andrew wanted to make sure we got lots of pictures of/with the green tree boa because that's the species of his "Mr. Snakey" stuffed snake. =)

The highlight of the aquarium was the sting rays! This was awesome! They swim right up and let you pet them.

Jackson was particularly enamored. He stayed long after everyone else had moved on and would have been content to just stay there.

Andrew got splashed by one of them!

So neat!

One last lunch with Mel, Josh and Evie and we were College Station bound. Let's just say everyone slept well that night!

If you live relatively close or are thinking about spending a few days in the city, the Houston City Pass can't be beat! Do it!

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