Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day

We have a lot of love to celebrate around here!

I bought a 6 pack of canvases in January (it was the only pack that had the size canvases I wanted), so I challenged myself to make a handprint/footprint art project each month. Here's February's. All the boys made their hand and footprint contribution. LOVE! (Literally)

We also prepped a whole lotta Valentine's for all the boys to share with their friends. Jackson picked Legos which made my design work easy since that was his birthday party theme. Not coincidentally his Valentines and party invitations look strikingly similar! Work smarter, not harder people!

Andrew insisted on kazoos again so that was easy since we did these a couple of years ago.

Benjamin was a little tougher because there aren't a whole lot of options when all your friends are 12-18 months old! One of his favorite snacks is squeezy applesauce (he goes into the pantry every time we leave the door open and tries to help himself to a pouch) so we figured his friends probably like them too.

We LOVE our teachers and couldn't leave them out so Justin and I dipped about 5 dozen chocolate covered strawberries. It was such a shame when one (or 7) didn't turn out quite right and had to be eaten immediately.

So this is what Valentine's Eve turns out looking like in our crazy house!

On Valentine's Day, my forever Valentine and I opted for a very quick and romantic lunch at the Sonic drive through so we could make it to Jackson's school to help with his class's Valentine's ice cream party.

After their ice cream they played a few fun games. Jackson's teacher is amazing and even came up with a couple of games that caused a room full of sugared-up first graders to fall almost silent. Afterall, it's hard to talk when you are focusing all of your effort on sucking up conversation hearts with a straw!

...or when you're playing Cupid and shooting q-tips out of your blow dart! So much fun!

Later that evening we got to celebrate with all the loves of our life at dinner.

Daddy loves Andrew and Andrew loves queso!

Benjamin's great love affair with queso began this night too. I feel the same way, Benny!

How lucky we are to have so much love to celebrate!

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