Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Punxsutawney Phil was so Wrong

That silly groundhog was so wrong. 6 more weeks of winter? I don't think we've even had 6 consecutive days of winter all season. And the weather here this weekend was positively springlike with highs in the 80s. Shorts and t-shirts in early February?! 

Going along with the warm weather and sunshine, we've been seeing all sorts of signs of spring around our yard. Jackson was excited to catch his first lizard in several months!

All the brothers were excited about Jackson's little friend.

They made him a little habitat in a bucket so they could show daddy when he got home. The lizard was either very content or traumatized, but he did stay in that uncovered bucket until they released him!

Oh yeah, and our roses are blooming! The bluebonnets are also days away from blooming as well.

Mr. Benjamin has been enjoying all of our outdoor time, especially since he discovered that he's now able to climb up to the fort. Consequently, our ventures outside are not nearly as relaxing for mom and dad now.

Ben is also following in his big brothers' adrenaline junkie footsteps, with Andrew leading the way. Andrew zooms him around on the plasma car while Ben squeals and laughs!

My beloved boots, sweaters, scarves and leggings are sadly collecting dust in the closet, but I guess an early spring isn't too bad. =)

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