Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mondays with Drew and Ben

Jackson has Cub Scouts on Monday nights, so he and daddy typically go do that together. That means most Monday nights I get the little boys all to myself! Since scouts starts at 6:30, we have a quick dinner as soon as we get home which leaves us a whole hour after dinner to do something fun together. I try to make sure we do something kid-led and/or maybe a little special because Jackson is usually getting to do all sorts of fun activities that he comes home raving about and Andrew feels a bit left out. It's become one of my favorite nights each week!

Park time is a favorite for both boys! 

We also go on lots of scooter rides, and Andrew loves exploring new streets we haven't trekked down before.

Sometimes we stop to look at planes flying by too!

Play dough is a big hit with both of my littles!

Andrew always makes me a birthday cake, sticks a "candle" in it and sings to me. Every single time. =)

A recent favorite activity for Ben is playing in the sensory bins! This has truly been the gift that keeps on giving!

Sometimes we just play in the playroom and act silly.

Perhaps their favorite night so far (and one that made Jackson very jealous) was when we went to get some fro yo!

My favorite part of Monday nights is that I always get extra snuggles, hugs, kisses and "I love you mommys"!

See, Mondays are not so bad!

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