Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Howdy Hogan!

Isn't this just the most precious little nugget you've ever seen? His name is Hogan and he's my newest nephew!

After our Great Wolf Lodge adventure, we headed over to Fort Worth to meet him and see how his mom and dad were holding up. They all seem to be doing great, and I got my fill of baby snuggles!

Of course, if you are 4, newborn babies are boring, but helping Uncle Matt cook dinner is fun!

Hot tubbing is fun too, especially when you get to watch Zootopia on Matt's outdoor tv while hot tubbing!

Benjamin was a little bit interested in Hogan and a little bit jealous. Crazy how big he instantly seems in comparison! Once Hogan gets a bit bigger, I know these two are going to be great friends.

Andrew, my sweet nurturer, did come around and decide he was a little bit interested in Hogan. That was more than we got from Jackson!

I didn't hog the baby snuggles the whole time! I did let Justin take a turn. For about 2 minutes. =)

 Welcome to the family Hogan!


  1. We loved having the Malnar five visit and snuggle! And Jackson did look out for Hogan--he let us know the scary parts in zootopia were over so it was safe for Hogan to watch too :) love y'all! Come back soon!
    Love, MaryAnn and Matt

    1. oh yes! How could I forget his vigilant effort to shield Hogan's little eyes from the scary parts?!

      Don't worry, we'll be back. =)