Monday, February 6, 2017

Great Wolf Lodge

Nana had one last surprise up her sleeve when she visited us at Christmastime and announced we were going to Great Wolf Lodge in February! So we've been counting down to February 3rd for over a month, and in the last week, answering Jackson's daily inquiry of "how many hours are left?" We picked the kids up from school at lunch time on Friday and headed to Grapevine!

To say they were excited to head back to the Lodge was an understatement! Benjamin is still the cutest little wolf, and oh, if you could hear him howl along with his brothers! It's precious!

The boys wasted no time in suiting up and heading for the water park!

While Benjamin enjoyed a day long nap when we went to Great Wolf Lodge last year, napping was definitely not on his agenda this year! He had a blast and demonstrated his mastery of the word "slide"...over, and over, and over....

The big boys enjoyed the slides too, as well as terrorizing unsuspecting passerbyers with blasts of water from all of the water cannons, showers, and buckets.

We convinced the boys to take a break for the night and ate some dinner and celebrated Nana's birthday! Nana, Justin and I had all just finished a month of Whole30, so the Nothing Bundt Cakes have never tasted so good!

We walked around the lodge a bit and killed some time until bedtime in the arcade. I'm grateful that we can still go to an arcade and spend $0 and our kids are entertained "playing" all the games on the demo mode! I suspect those days are dwindling but we're going to enjoy it while we can!

The next day we headed back to the water park. Andrew measured in just an inch too short to ride the big slides, so Jackson still got his undivided attention from mom and dad.

We even convinced Nana to go down the big slides!

Yes, it's safe to say all of our boys are big fans.

Thank you Nana for an awesome weekend!

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