Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ben's First Trip to the Children's Museum

We had a few hours to kill on Saturday morning while Justin went in to work to get a few things done, so I took the boys down to the Children's Museum. 

This was Ben's first trip as a paying/playing customer since he slept through his previous visits as a babe in arms! The boys decided to commemorate the occasion with a picture THEY ASKED TO TAKE. This is huge! And what do you know, it turned out great!

We were joined by our best friends, so we didn't see much of the big kids for the rest of the morning. They were too busy running around and blasting into space.

Benjamin's favorite exhibit was the grocery store. He loved grabbing all the fruit and vegetables and throwing them in his cart, then emptying his cart and starting all over again. He's saying so many words now. He was equally excited and devastated to see these "nanas!" only to learn that they were fake.

After the Children's Museum, we enjoyed a lovely outdoor lunch with our friends on the patio of McAlisters, soaking up the beautiful sunshine and 82 degree weather. In early February. This is the strangest (read: nearly non-existent) winter that I can remember, but with days like Saturday we really can't complain!

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