Sunday, February 26, 2017

Benjamin is 17 Months!

Precious boy Ben is 17 months, just a month shy of one and a half!

The biggest development this month has been his language skills! We are certainly witnessing the language explosion and it's so fun! He parrots frequently, and if I say "Ben can you say ______?" He will usually make an attempt at repeating it back. Unprompted, he probably says about 40 words now, if you include all of the animal noises he can make, which is a lot! He's also begun to say two word phrases like "Hi Mama!" Here's Ben sharing just a few of his words with us:

All those words mean we are entering such a fun stage with Benjamin. As he grows more expressive by the day, we are constantly gaining new insights into his personality, likes and dislikes. He's also become such a fun companion. Previously, conversations with Ben were fairly one-sided. He was certainly attentive, and you could tell he was absorbing everything you were saying, but there wasn't much back in response. Boy has that changed! I took him to the grocery store today and as I typically do, I narrated about everything I was putting in the cart. He chatted right back at me, repeating most of the words, and demanding to hold/immediately eat others (nana! NANA!)

He is an excellent problem-solver. Today, he wanted his paci that was in the middle of his crib (he was outside of it). His little arms weren't quite long enough to reach it. After trying to squeeze through to get it and realizing he couldn't, he went to his toy box, got out a toy wrench, went back to his bed with the wrench in hand extending his reach just enough, and raked the paci right out! Genius baby! One of his favorite toys is a bear with all the different fasteners on it, and every day he snags Jackson's backpack off of the hook so he can play with the zipper and plastic buckle. Like most toddlers though, he certainly likes causing destruction too though with favorite activities also including knocking down block towers, raking all of the magnets off of the fridge and throwing his food onto the floor when he is "all done!"

Books are still a favorite and always insists on "more" as soon as we are done with the last. He cries when I tell him we are all done for the night. He likes us to sing to him too, and usually asks for more songs too! He is just about done nursing. We've been down to just once a day at bedtime since early January, but he's almost lost interest in that last one too. This will make him my earliest baby to wean by quite a bit! His brothers held on until 20 months and 28 months, respectively, only giving it up of their own accord shortly after I became pregnant with their younger sibling. (For the record I am definitely NOT pregnant!)

He takes at least one of his shoes and socks off every time we are in the car. Every. Single. Time. There are probably 6 single socks lost in the minivan because he takes it off and throws it who knows where.

He is undeniably a very loved little boy! When he wakes up in the morning happy, happy, happy, his brothers rush to him to give him morning hugs and kisses. 

We all adore you sweet, Benjamin! Happy 17 months!

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