Monday, February 27, 2017

Adventures in Bike Riding

Jackson and Andrew both got new bikes last year for Christmas. The intent was that Jackson would quickly learn to ride it as a two wheeler, but after a few failed attempts early on, he lost any interest he had in the bike. We could only entice him to try for maybe 5 minutes at a time and he would get discouraged and give up. Flash forward a year...

Last Sunday, a neighborhood friend met us at the park and rode up on his two wheeler bike. You could see the flicker of motivation spark in Jackson. So on Saturday, I suggested we try that bike again and Jackson agreed. He insisted on putting on all of his protective gear to give him some confidence. Whatever it takes, right?!

Let's do this!

So here's a fun fact: no one taught me how to ride a bike...I taught myself when I was 4. Having three older siblings, the desire to learn was strong and the neighbor boy across the street who was a little older than me could already ride a two wheeler. I was definitely not going to get left behind! As soon as my feet could reach the pedals, I borrowed the neighbor kid's bike (because my bike still had training wheels) and taught myself to ride in his driveway. 

So...I was a little clueless when it came to teaching someone else. Thankfully I saw that one episode of Full House where Michelle learns to ride a bike about 12 times, so I felt semi-prepared. I gave it my best effort, and as it turns out, Jackson didn't need much help. He was ready, on his own terms, in his own time. 

In just a few tries, he was doing it by himself!

And just like that, he was off! (Cue the sappy music...his whole little life flashing before my eyes...yes, all of that.)

Just about 30 minutes later, he was doing amazing!

Not to be outdone, Andrew gave it a try. He got frustrated pretty quickly, but I suspect he will see how much faster Jackson can go now and quickly decide he doesn't want to get left behind either.

By the next day, Jackson only needed a little help getting started but otherwise was riding like an old pro.

So stinking proud of this kid!

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