Friday, January 6, 2017

Zoo Day

None of the boys had school on Monday and Tuesday, so we found ourselves with a couple more days of vacation after New Years. We needed a good reason to put ourselves back on a more normal schedule, so we decided we needed a fun day trip.

Our destination was Waco and the Cameron Park Zoo. The last time we came as a family, Andrew was a tiny little squish! It was definitely time for a return trip because it's really a great little zoo...just the perfect size for a half day adventure.

Benjamin really enjoyed seeing all the animals. He is very into animals currently. His animal books are his favorites and we've been practicing animal sounds and such. I don't think that he realized all those animals existed outside of the pictures in his books! His expressions throughout the day were filled with curiosity, wonder, and maybe a little bit of trepidation like when this tiger growled... loudly! 

Jackson was the master of our map. He made sure we visited each and every exhibit and didn't miss a single animal.

I love the giraffes!

This leopard was my favorite for the day though! He was kind of pacing around the enclosure and then we went into the cave area that has a viewing window into their world and he came and laid right beside the window. It looked like he wanted his belly rubbed! (Of course if he is anything like our cat Gracie, he would want exactly two belly rubs, no more, no less. Any more and he would try to bite your hand off!)

The slide that goes through the otter habitat is always a favorite. The otters weren't out this morning, but these two brothers wrestled like a couple of otter pups, even on the slide.

Andrew was excited to lead Benjamin all around and show him his favorite animals.

We spotted a very cute butterfly as we were wrapping up our visit!

We had lunch in Waco before heading back. Everyone napped on the return trip and arrived home ready to finish up our post-Christmas clean-up. This kid showed us how strong he is when he took the tree to the curb!

And everyone was eager to help Daddy undecorate the big tree!

So grateful for this extra time with my boys!

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