Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top 16 of 2016

On New Year's Eve over our pizza dinner, I asked the boys what their favorite moments of 2016 were. We had fun looking back and reminiscing over some of our favorite moments in what was altogether a really good year. So here are their top moments, in roughly chronological order. =)

We started out the year with a trip to South Padre to enjoy the long MLK weekend with Grammy and Pop at the beach!

In February, we took another long weekend trip to DFW where we all loved going to the Fort Worth Zoo with Matt and MaryAnn, Medieval Times with Aunt Judy and Uncle Jerry and then to Great Wolf Lodge for some water park fun. They still talk about all of these things all the time!

In the Spring, Jackson had his baseball debut!

Once summer hit, both of the big boys each enjoyed a week with Grammy and Pop all to themselves!

In June, we celebrated Jackson turning 6 with an awesome Lego party!

In July we had a great staycation in Nacogdoches with Grammy, Pop and all the cousins.

We ended the summer with one last outing to the Franklin Safari where we got up close and personal with lots of animals!

Benjamin was perhaps the most accomplished of us all this year! Spanning about 7 months, Ben learned to roll over, sit up, crawl, stand and walk! Watching him hit every milestone and see his little personality emerge was a huge highlight of the year!

The month of September was a fresh start for Justin and I in terms of better nutrition and self-care when we did our first Whole30 challenge. No sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, or anything processed for a month. It was hard but so worth it! We lost almost 30 pounds between the two of us and felt great! We learned to eat our veggies, and aren't they pretty? (This was just a vegetable saute that we add to eggs to make an easy healthy casserole that's perfect for weekday breakfasts.) We were so pleased with the results (and have slacked off quite a bit with the holidays) so we are doing another round for the month of January!

In September, we celebrated Ben turning ONE with a super cute airplane party, because his first year just FLEW by!

And just a couple of weeks later in October we celebrated Andrew turning 4 with an amazing reptile party!

Later in October we headed to Florida for a perfect week at the beach. And Nana got to come too!

The boys love Halloween and dressing up as Star Wars characters was so much fun!

In the Fall, Jackson joined Cub Scouts and had a blast making new friends, doing all sorts of hands-on projects, camping, and spending quality time with his dad.

2016 saw Andrew grow so much! He's now one of the "big kids" at his school and did so well at his Christmas concert.

Finally, pretty much the whole month of December made the "favorites" list. =)

A lot of people have talked about how terrible 2016 was. Yes, 2016 brought some challenges and I would be lying if I said there weren't moments of total disillusionment. But we have the opportunity to instead choose joy, and from where we are standing, surrounded by these three huge blessings, there is so much joy to be had! Each day they give us the opportunity to teach kindness, respect and love, and then hopefully send out into the world three huge doses of those virtues. Take that 2016. =)

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