Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Beloved Three Day Weekend

Oh three day weekends, how I love thee. We managed to get a ton of stuff done around the house and still have time for some fun.

Monday of our three day weekend proved to be rainy and dreary. So an indoor activity was a must and Jackson wanted to go to the George Bush Presidential Library. He had gone once before with Nana, but wanted to go back to show it to the rest of us (no matter that Justin and I have been several times before). 

Of course we had to stop for the photo op in the Oval Office. 

They would only agree to take the picture if they could sit in the big chair together because, in Jackson's words, "It's a little intimidating." Fair enough.

Justin and Andrew got some pro-tips from the man himself!

We explored all of the exhibits and learned quite a bit!

Ben even liked the library ok, as long as we were moving. He got to get out of the stroller in Barbara's Reading Room and enjoyed exploring the miniature white house there.

Back at home, we all did some crafting! Jackson and Justin are gearing up for the Pinewood Derby and worked together on Jackson's car.

While Justin painted the car to Jackson's very precise specifications, I finally finished those hand print salt dough ornaments we started as one of our Christmas activities! I think they turned out so cute!

I also got our winter footprint art finished! I love these three precious snowmen brothers!

Can all of our weekends be three days? Please?

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