Monday, January 2, 2017

Santa's Wonderland

I got amazingly lucky for the second year in a row and won tickets to Santa's Wonderland again! It worked out great for us last year to go after Christmas when the crowds were a bit thinned, and we didn't have to worry about staying out too late on a school night so we decided to stick with the same timing this year. It's nice to have something fun to look forward to once all the excitement of Christmas has ended, too!

And going after Christmas meant Nana got to go with us as well!

The magic started right when we walked through the doors and it was "snowing". Ben wasn't so impressed but the other boys were delighted!

We made a beeline to the hayride before the line got long which was good because our kids were not at all patient really excited! We went with our friends Andrea and Caleb, and Jackson was pumped to be reunited with his best bud!

Ben wasn't sure what his brothers were so excited about but he really liked the lights!

We finally made it onto the hayride! (We actually only waited about 10 minutes)

And of course, it was well worth the wait. Doesn't Andrew's face just say it all?!

After the hayride, we let the kids do all the fun things--the giant slide, the bouncy house, the toboggan slide, and the train. We took a break for some hot chocolate and everyone's favorite funnel cake.

And a foot long corndog! Justin just thought he was going to enjoy that corndog....I think he actually only ate about 3 inches of it and Jackson, Andrew and Ben ate the rest.

All sugared up and ready for some more fun!

 Such a fun night! Thanks, Santa's Wonderland! We will be back next year!

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