Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pinewood Derby

During Christmas break, Jackson and his daddy began preparing for the quintessential Cub Scout event: the Pinewood Derby. The pair set out for Hobby Lobby where Jackson decisively picked out the car kit he wanted, paint colors and decals. He had a vision of a red, white and blue car that he would name the USA Lightning. 

The car assembled out of the box was too light so they got to work making it heavier. Jackson was pumped to get to use power tools when his daddy let him drill some holes to add additional weights. Once the car was heavy enough, they painted it. Jackson did the base coat and dad helped with the detail work. Jackson put on the finishing touches with the lightning bolt decals.

The big day finally arrived and Jackson and dad nervously got the car checked in. But oh no! It was a smidge too heavy! That's ok, dad had thought of everything and quickly trimmed the weight that was stuck to the bottom of the car. A second weigh-in had the car at 5 oz (the max allowed weight) on the nose! Perfect.

To kick off the exciting event, Jackson's Den got to lead the flag ceremony!

Finally, it was time to race! The leader asked the boys "Who thinks they have the fastest car?" and Jackson's hand confidently shot up. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that his car was the best!

Jackson's car went in the second round and sure enough he won all four of his races!

The Pinewood Derby has gotten fancy with their technology. The cars race on a computerized track that feeds all the times into a computer that computes the average run time to determine the winner. We waited nervously through 6 more rounds, growing a little more confident and a little more nervous with each one. We knew his times were good, but his last run was significantly slower than the other three so we were nervous about how it would average out.

But sure enough, with an average speed of 200.8 mph, he took 1st place out of 33 entries! Justin was stunned. Jackson was delighted but not at all surprised. He had so much confidence that he and his daddy had built the best car, and this time, he was right.

No pressure for next year, Justin!

Andrew was pretty proud of Jackson too, and has decided that next year he wants to enter a car into the sibling division!

Congratulations, Jackson!

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