Sunday, January 8, 2017

My New Best Friend

I have a new best friend. Her technical name is ILIFE A4, but we are working on a family name for her because she is amazing. She is vacuuming my floors while I type this blog post. I love her.

Justin and I got some Christmas money from a few wonderful family members, and my sweet husband didn't even complain when I told him how we were going to spend "our" money. We are at the stage of life where time is our most precious resource. With dark wood floors and a cat and three children, I'm either constantly vacuuming or staring at the crumbs/cat hair/cat litter/dirt on the floor and thinking I should. This little lady is saving my time and my sanity. Priceless. We got her out of the box and she got right to work. Everyone was intrigued.

Especially Gracie.

Gracie doesn't let her out of her sight the whole time she is working. After a close encounter with her spinning side brushes, Gracie has decided not to get too close. But she is definitely vigilant.

So what should we name her??

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