Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mr. Snakey

Andrew brought his stuffed snake, "Mr. Snakey" to school on Friday for show 'n tell. On the car ride home, we were bantering with him about Mr. Snakey's day, if he had tried to bite anyone, etc. 

I said "You know, I bet Mr. Snakey is really tired from his big day at your school. You know what Mr. Snakey told me? He said he's really tired and wants you to go right to sleep tonight instead of playing in your bed after we say goodnight." 

*Silence from the back seat*  

Justin says, "What do you think of that buddy?"

Andrew, in a total deadpan tone replies, "Stuffed snakes don't talk."

Ha! Well played, kid, well played!

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