Saturday, December 30, 2017

Santa's Wonderland

Mom's last Christmas surprise was a home run! Everyone was so excited to go to Santa's Wonderland! It was cold on Christmas night so we got to don all of those winter clothes and boots, and we all stayed toasty warm in our snow bibs and snow boots!

The "snow" was starting as we entered which definitely added to the merry feeling!

We made a beeline for the hayride, just in case the line got longer later in the evening. We waited less than 5 minutes and then were on the trailer to see the lights!

After the hayride, we went to the big slide and sledding. Ben was too small to go down the slide, but enjoyed watching his brothers. They got to go down the slide 4 or 5 times because there was no line!

Then they all got to enjoy the sledding attraction lots of times as well!

The train was next!

After the train, we took a break for some FOOD. The highlight of Jackson's night may have been the foot long corn dog!

We also shared a funnel cake around the camp fire while listening to the Bavarian band. I don't think you've lived until you've seen an accordion-playing, Christmas-themed Lederhosen-clad band while stuffing your face full of funnel cake! There are no pictures, though, because my fingers were covered in powdered sugar. Sorry not sorry.

Since the line still wasn't too long (only about 10 minutes!), we decided to go on the hayride again so we could sit on the other side of the trailer to get a better view of the lights on the other side of the trail.

We ended the night with another trip down the big slide and sled track and a few more exclamations of "this was the best day ever!!!" Yes, I think we might have found our new Christmas night tradition! Merry Christmas, y'all!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas 2017

Finally, the big day we had all been counting down to arrived! And sure enough, Santa came!

A bike for Ben, a car ramp set for Andrew (which conveniently Jackson had asked for as well), and an Ozobot (a coding robot) for Jackson.

The first look is always my favorite part of Christmas!

They were both so excited about the car ramp!

It took Jackson a moment since his gift was much smaller, but he was nonetheless pleased!

Ben was so excited about his new big kid bike!

After a little bit of play time with the presents from Santa, we dug into those stockings.

Mentos and Diet Coke? Woohoo, the ingredients for an explosion!

New toothbrushes all around. They love them!

But what is this? A pocket knife?! Mom and dad said maybe in a couple of years, but I guess Santa felt like he was old enough! He was thrilled!

After stockings, presents! The littlest boy got the biggest present!

Woohoo a suitcase of his very own!

Andrew's brothers picked out an awesome car hauler to go with his mega garage.

And even mama got something that had been on her list too!

A shared gift, perfect for two brothers who love to play with toy weapons...but they can't hurt each other with these laser guns!

Another big present...this one for the whole family!

Winter clothes and boots? Hmm...

We are going to see snow!!!

Andrew is ready!

The obligatory "quick! Take a picture with all the loot before it's strewn around the house!" picture!

After our traditional Christmas breakfast of monkey bread and egg casserole, there's nothing better than Christmas morning snuggles!

We've noticed that the amount our boys enjoy any meal is inversely proportional to the amount of effort exerted. So we decided to keep our Christmas lunch low key, with bacon crock pot mac n cheese, ready-to-serve shrimp cocktail, and a bagged salad. We spent 10 minutes in the kitchen on Christmas. It was fantastic and everyone ate without complaining!

We sang happy birthday to Jesus and blew out the candle!

Later in the afternoon, after Ben's nap and more snuggles on the couch for mom and the big boys watching A Christmas Story, I noticed another present hiding under the tree. What could it be?

Mama had one more for Santa's Wonderland...

...and we're going TONIGHT!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

24th Day of Christmas: Christmas Eve

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Happy twenty-fourth day of Christmas Jackson, Andrew & Benjamin! Santa will be here in just 1 day! Today will be a busy day preparing for Santa's arrival and Jesus' birthday! First, get ready to go to the Christmas Eve service at church. When you get home, make a birthday cake for Jesus and make some cookies to leave for Santa. Before bed, don’t forget to sprinkle Andrew’s reindeer food on the lawn!

A quick picture before we left for church!

Ok, I couldn't resist, maybe two!

While we enjoyed a lovely service, the boys had Christmas parties in their respective classes at church. We returned home for a snack lunch, one of the boys' favorites, and then we got to work making that cake!

While the cake baked, they enjoyed some of those new Christmas toys.

Later that evening, we bundled up and headed out to see the lights at Central Park and in neighborhoods.

We decided we have a new favorite house for lights this year! They had an excellent music/light show. Justin wants to do this to our house so bad!

We ended the night with those cookies for Santa and reading Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Andrew carefully counted out 8 carrots for the reindeer.

Instead of sprinkling the special reindeer food Andrew made at school onto the lawn (per the instructions), Jackson very practically suggested that we put the oats into a container that Santa could take with him up the chimney and up to the roof to give to the reindeer. Naturally.

With all of the preparations made, it was time for bed for these three!

Merry Christmas Eve, precious boys!