Thursday, December 8, 2016

Parties and Lasagna Eating

Saturday was a dreary, cold and rainy day...the kind of day you dread as the parent of three very active little boys. But we were lucky enough to get to go to not just one but two indoor birthday parties where the boys got to run around and wear themselves out!

Ben is the newest big fan of PowerSports! He's such a big kid now and loved running around and trying to keep up with the older kids!

He can't quite jump on the trampoline, but he definitely enjoys being bounced!

We didn't see much of this kid! He was everywhere but nowhere for very long!

Later in the afternoon, Jackson and Andrew got to go to a second birthday party...this one a nerf gun party and ran around like crazies for two hours while mama got some shopping done with a friend! Despite cookies and cupcakes at the party, the boys worked up quite the appetite. Thankfully, dinner was lasagna, a meal everyone eats without complaints. Andrew ate so well he wanted to show me his big muscles, and dramatically ripped off his shirt to do so!

Not to be outdone, Jackson did the same! And in the spirit of if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, Justin followed suit. But I value my marriage so I won't post those pictures here. =)

Ben kept all of his clothes on, but he definitely enjoyed his 3 helpings of lasagna too! And with a fork!

What a big kid!

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