Sunday, December 4, 2016

Letters to Santa

We couldn't wait for December to kick off our Christmas activities, so November 30th found us creating our wishlists for Santa. 

This is how it generally goes: the boys go through the magazines and cut out about 20 things that they just must have. We then have them go back and cut that down to about 1/3 so that it all fits on one page. =) We drink hot chocolate and have a special snack and marvel at how their letter writing skills have improved from the previous year.

Andrew still got a little help with his cutting, but it should be the last year!

Selecting toys is serious work!

Eating smores is messy work!

Andrew had some help with his letter writing but he dictated the letter. He wants some Legos, Stinky the Garbage Truck (yes, it's a truck that eats matchbox cars then poops them out--a 4 year boy's dream come true), a monster truck ramp set, and Paw Patrol.

Jackson did his all on his own this year, spelling and all!

Jackson wants a race car ramp set, a nerf gun car, a Ninja Turtle set, a Star Wars nerf gun, a hex bug habitat, a Captain America scope vision helmet and a boy-sized hamster ball.

Whew! I hope Santa has these two on his nice list!

Benjamin just wanted to eat the magazines so he got switched to graham crackers instead. =)

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