Friday, December 9, 2016

Days of Christmas 3-6 (Giving to Others, Candy Cane Hunt and Visiting Santa)

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Happy 3rd day of Christmas Malnar boys! Santa will be here in just 22 days! Christmas is all about giving, because God gave us the best gift of all when he sent Jesus to earth to be our Savior. Today, we are going to learn about giving to others. Find the present under the tree to learn more.

We read our book about the Legend of Saint Nicholas and talked about giving vs. receiving. After attending all the parties on Saturday, we headed to Target so the boys could pick out gifts for their brothers and a toy to donate to a charity.

I was with Jackson and Ben as they looked for a gift for Andrew. Jackson wanted to take a picture with the various options so that he could then quickly go back through the pictures to make his decision. That kid is strategic! In the meantime, Andrew picked something out for Jackson. When Jackson approached the basket containing the carefully concealed gift, Andrew pulled it out and excitedly announced what it was. Jackson did not want his gift surprise ruined and said he didn't want that gift anymore. Oy. The big boys still needed to pick out a gift for Ben, and once they had done that, with all of the excitement of the day and short naps, everyone was done and meltdown was impending. So we will have to go back on a different day to find a toy to donate to charity! 

Sunday, December 04, 2016
Happy 4th day of Christmas Malnar boys! Santa will be here in just 21 days! During Christmas, it is fun to receive gifts, but it is even more fun to give them! Let's go shopping to pick out presents for the whole family!

This was our now traditional trip to Dollar Tree for the boys to pick out treasures for family members. It's always interesting to see what the boys think each family member most definitely needs. Andrew amused us with his wildly random selections, and not surprisingly, Jackson had strong opinions and reasons for what each recipient would enjoy or find useful. I forgot to take any pictures, but that's ok, because they might just spoil the surprise for the recipients, wouldn't it? New this year is that both boys were very interested in helping wrap the gifts too and selecting the "just right" gift bag for each one. Jackson wrote all the tags and Andrew and Jackson carefully arranged our first presents under the tree. Gracie helped by posing with the presents. =)

Monday, December 05, 2016
Happy 5th day of Christmas Malnar boys! Santa will be here in just 20 days! Let's go on a hunt! A Candy Cane hunt! There are 10 hidden around the living room. Can you find them?

To be honest, this was a random activity I pulled out because we weren't able to go to the Christmas Parade on Sunday due to the rain and basically had to move everything up leaving a hole. But I figured if they enjoy Easter Egg hunts they would enjoy this, right? I was right! 

Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Happy 6th day of Christmas Malnar boys! Santa will be here in just 19 days! Where is Santa? Why, he’s in for a special visit from the North Pole today. Let’s go visit him and have your picture taken! Ho ho ho!

Impatiently waiting their turn...

Finally it was our turn! How cute are they?!

Jackson informed us though that it wasn't really Santa, just one of his helpers. He has begun to rationalize all of the Santa things, saying things like "I think parents buy all the presents and Santa just fills the stockings. All those presents wouldn't fit on his sleigh and I saw those toys at Target." I'm afraid this might be the last year that he believes. Wahhhhh! I'm so not ready! 

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