Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Days of Christmas 14-15 (Polar Express: Honda Odyssey and Puzzles)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy 14th day of Christmas Malnar boys! Santa will be here in just 11 days! Tonight a very special surprise is waiting for you at bedtime! Take your bath and put on your jammies, then look under your pillow!

Of course, Jackson read the prompt in the morning and knew exactly what the surprise is because he remembered from last year. So all day he was very excited. We took baths before dinner so that we would have more time for our ride, and, for once I didn't have to prod them along like baby sloths to get out of the tub and get their pajamas on!

They were excited to help Ben look under his pillow. Well, he doesn't have a pillow, but what's that hiding under his blanket? A golden ticket to ride the Polar Express (Honda Odyssey style) to go look at Christmas lights!

Andrew was next!

Finally Jackson! Even if it's no longer a surprise, it never gets old. =)

Jackson read the fine print on the ticket this year. It's funny how he has begun to notice the details and nuance of all of these activities because now he can read well. The fine print has always been on the ticket but this is the first year he has noticed. =)

Of course they had to get their tickets punched! Yes, I attempted to punch words into the ticket just like in the movie. No, I'm not quite as quick, nor were my words terribly decipherable. I tried!

A selfie when we were stopped at the first house!

Ben got to get out too and he was excited to "drive"!

Another attempt at the selfie now that Ben was out of his seat. Not quite as successful!

Our kiddos favorite are the houses with the light shows set to music. If Justin had his way, we would be one of those houses (if he could afford to pay somebody to do it because who with small children has time for that?!) Our neighbors should surely be grateful that item has yet to be allocated in the family budget.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Happy 15th day of Christmas Malnar boys! Santa will be here in just 10 days! Open the box under the tree and put your puzzling skills to the test!

Jackson reads the prompts aloud each day. Last year he was sort of reading. This year he's a pro and I only have to help him with unusual words like "puzzling". Big kid!

Note to self: Buy some harder puzzles before next year! These are definitely too easy for Jackson.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Andrew lost interest by puzzle #2, but Jackson got a little moral support from Gracie.

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