Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Days of Christmas 1-2: The Reason for the Season and a Rainy Christmas at the Park

December 1st meant we could officially start our countdown to Christmas and traditional Days of Christmas activities!

Day 1 is always the same--kicking off everything else with the introduction of the reason for the season.

Thursday, December 01, 2016
Happy 1st day of Christmas Malnar boys! Santa will be here in just 24 days! We want you to always remember that Christmas is really all about Jesus’ birthday. Find the present in the box under the tree and open it to learn more about the very first Christmas. Afterwards, take your bath, get into your pajamas and then enjoy your snack dinner picnic and Charlie Brown Christmas on tv!

We read our book about the first Christmas and Jackson and Andrew acted out the story with their nativity set. Benjamin tried to eat baby Jesus, so he has again been glued into the manger.

Snack dinner! The boys' favorite meal! And enjoyed on this night as a picnic in front of the tv...the boys were in heaven!

After we finished our picnic we snuggled in for Charlie Brown Christmas.

"Hey mom, it's over! Here's the remote!"

Friday, December 02, 2016

Happy 2nd day of Christmas Malnar boys! Santa will be here in just 23 days! Let's kick off our holiday fun in our community—tonight is Christmas at the Park! A hayride, Christmas lights and lots of fun activities await you after school!

This is the activity that almost wasn't. Rain threatened to wash out basically our whole weekend's plans, starting with Christmas at the Park. I watched the weather all day and changed my mind about 3 times as to whether we were going or not. But late afternoon the weather finally showed about a 2 hour break in the storms and the radar looked clear so I thought we could give it a shot! We ran home to grab our rain gear, ate a quick dinner and headed to the park. The upside to going when there was rain in the forecast is that we were able to park really close!

The line for the hayride was also much shorter than last year! Which was good because about halfway through the line it started to rain. We donned our rain gear and waited it out. You can't really tell by looking, but Justin had both of the big boys hiding under that poncho with him!

Ben stayed perfectly dry under the umbrella! He wasn't such a fan of hiding under the poncho.

Just before we boarded the hayride, the rain magically stopped for the next 10 minutes.

We got off the hayride and headed to find the cookies and cocoa but then the downpour started. We ran to our car in the pouring rain and headed home to hot baths, cozy pajamas and cookies and cocoa in our nice dry house! We will never forget that year we went to Christmas in the Park in the rain!

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