Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a whirlwind of activity of the very best kind!

After Alfie's treasure hunt, we got right to work making the birthday cake for Jesus. Jackson read all the directions and is really a big help. Andrew is a very eager helper as well!

We prepared lunch and then Grammy and Pop arrived! The boys squealed with excitement and pounced on them as soon as they pulled into the driveway as if we hadn't just seen them 17 hours earlier! After nap, we headed to the early Christmas Eve service at church. It was 80 degrees, but we tried our best to look festive!

We loved having Gram and Pop with us for Christmas!

17 Christmases together with my love! This year marks the year that I have spent half of my life's Christmases with him. Isn't that crazy?

The church service was's always one of my favorite nights of the year. We came home to a simple dinner and then headed out to see the lights at Central Park. We had only gone there this year during the rainy Christmas at the Park event and the boys had been asking to go back when we could walk around. 

Andrew said his little legs were tired. =)

The purple tree is always a highlight of Christmas at the Park. It is best viewed from inside of it, looking up. Andrew has a unique approach to this (and yes, he's wearing shorts...on Christmas Eve...Merry Texas Christmas y'all!).

It is popular to stand underneath and spin to really appreciate the dizzying effect. Pop also has a unique approach to this!

We made it home to whip up some cookies for Santa. Jackson decided that this year the reindeer didn't need carrots...they would prefer deer corn so he asked Pop to bring some. I wanted to put the deer corn in a bowl, but he insisted that we should just leave them in the container Pop brought it in so Santa could take it with him. Because clearly the reindeer don't come down the chimney with Santa so it needed to be in a portable container. Duh, mom.

We read The Night Before Christmas while the boys sampled Santa's cookies.

Finally, these three precious boys were headed to bed, with ears peeled for the sound of Santa's sleigh bells!

And with the children nestled all snug in their beds, Santa came!

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