Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Benjamin is 14 Months

Another month has flown by and Benjamin is a month older! 14 months! 

Physically he's growing! His 18 month clothes are getting snug so we've pretty much moved into 24 month size. I would guess he weighs about 25 pounds. He got two more teeth this month bringing his total to 12.

Baby proofing is getting more challenging since little bit has learned to climb on furniture, like the couch and ottoman. You know, the ottoman we have been using to block the stairs. Maybe we will actually break down and buy a baby gate this time. Thankfully, he has also learned how to safely get off of furniture too by sliding on his belly, and stairs by sitting down and scooting down on his bottom.

He has started exerting his independence, like wanting to feed himself. He makes a complete mess, of course, but he will only let us feed him a bite or two before he wrenches the spoon out of our hands. And look how much fun it is!

He doesn't stay still often, but when he does, touch and feel books are his jam. He still loves this kitten book! He also loves to put objects in a container like blocks into a shape sorter, dump them out and start over. 

He is a smart, observant boy. Along with learning new signs, he's begun to mimic behaviors like getting a cup from the cabinet, taking it to the fridge, putting it in the water dispenser and getting himself a drink. He is also learning his body parts. Here he is showing me where his hair is.

 Speaking of hair, look at all that hair! He's finally starting to get some!

Happy 14 months baby boy! I can't wait to see Christmas through your curious eyes this month!

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